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A Christmas Gift For You And You

February 4, 2017

The Garter Ridge Soap Sack

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“It’s getting crowded under the tree!”

Fantastic. Such were the words I feared my lil’ sis would say as Christmas drew closer. With other presents all wrapped up and occupying every piece of real estate under the tree, I am faced with the challenge of coming up with something small yet functional for every member of the family. Taking stock of my newly acquired skill, I told myself that this year, my gifts will be hand-knitted.

Now…what would be suitable in terms of time and affordability? Too big, I risk not completing on time. Too small, would it be of any use? After many head scratching moments, the inspiration finally came from an ordinary looking object that for a while, had occupied the corner of my desk.

Soap. Yes, you read that right. A humble bar of handmade soap.

Count me lucky stars! The yarn I needed were abundant in my ‘yarn house’. The blessing in disguise of a forward-thinking yarn hoarder, I’d say.  I set out creating my own pattern and soon, I was deftly moving the knitting needles on my way to completing the first soap sack. What great fun I had with Judy’s Magic Cast On technique I had just discovered a week earlier!

With all the packing, flights & only days left to Christmas, I finally managed to complete all five sacks. Vibrant colours for my vibrant family members. Looks like everyone will be getting their gifts after all. Blimey! I could have ruin Christmas!

Now, would you like to knit one for yourself too? I’d be glad to share one of the patterns with you. Having been motivated by Hazel from St. Helen’s (many thanks, dear!) to publish the patterns, although I haven’t had enough time to tidy the rest of the scribbled notes, I’m happily giving away the Garter Ridge Soap Sack pattern.

Go on & give it a try! Let me know how yours turn out.

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  1. Found the pattern; persistence pays off! Thank you for your kind words by the way; you probably would have sorted out the pattern without my request! I’m glad you did because now I have a challenge to complete.

    1. Great to hear, Hazel. I would most probably leave the patterns as scribbles in my notebook if you didn’t request for it , you see. So, thank you very much. Don’t forget that the 1st round needs to be worked in the opposite direction (after the slipknot) yea & always give an extra tug at each 1st knit on the needles. If you’re feeling adventurous, try alternating the ridges with different colours. I can’t wait to see yours!

  2. I finished the soap sack. Yes it was a new experience and not without some fiddly bits but once I ‘got’ how I was making it it went fairly quickly. My baby grandson and my daughter came up for the weekend so I was obliged to play with him and generally applaud everything he can do so I had to put the knitting aside till they left for home 😉 Sorry, I was going to upload a photo of my finished sack but as withthe LoveKnitting site, I don’t know how to do it on your website or even if I can. Thanks for introducing me to a new technique and for taking the time to make a pattern.

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