a little bit about me


Well, hello there…

I am the shameless lover of creativity – the tinkerer and maker at PashKnit.

For some time now (from when I first began knitting in March 2016), I have been a shy knitter, very much intimidated by the jargons of knitting (I broke a perfectly fine piece of bamboo needle during my first attempt, mind you), always in awe with the seasoned knitters and their excellent skills.

Intrigued by the magic of needles click-clacking however, I acted instinctively by choosing to jump into this particular ship and set sail into the world of knitting – with a clear objective of being a toymaker. Somewhere along that path, I was diverted into multiple directions when I started receiving requests for non-toy commissioned work. Surprisingly, those became fantastic diversions because I am presented with fresh perspectives for every project, every single time!

 Drawing inspirations from my love for everything involving creative processes and of course, endless encouragements from loved ones, (bless you darlings!), I am now crawling out of the shell I have always felt safe in. Writing patterns, making (and selling some) anything under the sun that my darling mates and I find appealing, have been quite memorable.

This will be a written journal about the wondrous voyage, in which I gladly invite you to be a part of, new or seasoned fellow knitters.

Let’s embark in this adventure together now, shall we?