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January 1, 2018

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.

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The first day of 2018 has finally dawned upon us!

As I write this last night, 2017 was already drawing close to an end. The Mr. & I were watching marvellous displays of fireworks within our usually quiet neighbourhood, anticipating another new year of adventures with much glee.

Now, I’m sure that despite all the lovely sparkles of fireworks, glasses clinking & merry well-wishers singing Auld Lang Syne in choirs, we couldn’t help but to take some moments to ourselves, reflecting on the past 365 days we’ve spent while also making plans for the days of the new year to come.

2017 has been a strangely kind year in my books. No doubt, quite challenging if I must be truthful, yet still very much filled with abundant blessings.

I for one, am incredibly grateful to have had the privilege of knowing so many wonderfully genuine folks from all walks of lives, inspiring makers from all sorts of crafts & immensely talented fellow knitters such as yourself. From every nook & cranny of this massive world, beautiful friendships were forged.

I couldn’t ask for more, really…

So, cheers, loves. Here’s to bidding 2017 goodbye & welcoming 2018 with the good tidings it brings.



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  1. Sorry I’m so very late in wishing you a Happy New Year! For months I was plagued by an impacted wisdom tooth which finally was extracted on 4th Jan. the operation was brutal and I was awake and the pain is still a factor in the recovery. I’ve been needlefelting in response!

    The past year was a bit trying for me too but there were always moments of gladness; making new friends on Love Knitting, crafting, my friends, my family and most of all my precious grandchildren. So, as I treated myself to a whisky and dry ginger to see in the New Year I just realised that you just roll with the punches and embrace the joy and look forward.

    A productive and thankful 2018 awaits and I wish you and yours much joy.

    1. Oh dear! That sounds excruciatingly painful! I sure hope you’re feeling so much better now, Hazel.

      I’ve been meaning to learn the basics of needle felting (particularly adore the cat you’ve made) so I could try the technique to make facial features on toys instead of embroidering them on each time. But, we shall see to that another day… I don’t think it’s as easy as simply poking wool with sharp needles. 😀

      Life would always have its trials & tribulations. As you’ve said, just roll with it & fondly hold on to the good bits – am very delighted indeed to have made your acquaintance over the past year. It’s quite refreshing to have you constantly share your thoughts.

      So, with more whisky & dry ginger in hand – cheers to the new year & a speedy recovery, Hazel! x

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