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Valentine’s Giveaway!

February 5, 2018


We have a winner & congratulations, Cheryl!

Loads & loads of thanks to everyone who spared some time to participate in this giveaway.


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Believe it or not, I stumbled upon this lovely bunch when I was walking pass a health shop in our neighbourhood. Funny, ey? It was a small display of yarn in the shopfront that got me walking in instead of organic rolled oats & such. Yarn addict – confirmed! 😆


Now, according to the shopkeeper, they’re made from milk fibre (something rather new to me), are delightfully soft & quite lovely to knit with – I find such yarn to have similar properties as cotton ones. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information labels on them but fret not, I’ll add those later.

The yarns have 13 WPI so I suppose 4.00 to 4.50mm needles/hooks are best to work them with – I knitted the test swatch, a small stockinette swatch & the softie with a pair of 4.00mm needles. I’ve used only a quarter of the skein to make them as the yarns come in generous skeins of 100g each, which I’m sure creative minded crafters such as yourselves could make something wonderful from these two.


There isn’t much to do to get these, really. Simply go to my Instagram page, like the post & then leave a comment in the post’s comment section. Perhaps tag someone you know who’s be interested or share what ideas you have/could make with these two skeins or share your personal experiences/challenges if you’ve ever had the chance to use this type of yarn before.

I shall then write down the numbers of comments (excluding replies) by the end of the week & draw out a random number as the lucky winner. So quickly now… head on to my Instagram page for a chance to win!

Until then,

Happy Valentine’s Day!



P.S : I’ll be announcing the winner on Valentine’s Day itself & shall be in contact with the winner to arrange for the shipments of the prize.


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. Participation of this giveaway is limited ONLY on Instagram .

. This giveaway runs from the 5th to the 11th of February 2018 .

. Contact & mailing information of the winner would be needed for shipping .

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